An overall aim of the project is the widest possible dissemination and use of our project results. The following target groups are addressed in concrete terms:

At the micro level, the project results will be disseminated in schools and other institutions involved in work with refugees and migrants in the participating partner countries. For this, all partners will use their existing local, national and international networks.

The dissemination activities at the regional level take place by personal exchange with colleagues, on conferences, in the different print and digital media. All project partners have good contacts and relationships to disseminate the project results also at a regional or national level (e.g. regular meetings of all EU-coordinators in VET colleges in the administrative district of Cologne, district headmaster conferences, etc.). For this reason and in order to be able to use the project results to a greater extent, we are planning Multiplier Events in each partner country. This initially supports regional dissemination and cooperation. These events have a great direct relevance for dissemination, because the developed outputs are directly applicable and usable and address all relevant stakeholders.

At the regional and national level, the project results are disseminated e.g. in Germany by the Cologne Regional Government in cooperation with the Ministry of Education NRW and in France by the regional DAREIC. The project partners' networks help to further disseminate the results.

Moreover, the regional coordination offices for the integration of young people can disseminate but also use the project results. Other target groups for dissemination activities are chambers, labour organisations and companies which are interested in qualified trainees and future employees.

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