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INTENT 4.0 is a stategic partnership Erasmus + project in Vocational Education and Training for innovation started in 2019 until 2022. The acronym INTENT stands for Interdisciplinary Teaching and Training in der Working World 4.0. The project results were realised in cooperation with 7 European partners from different fields of vocational education and training. Two vocational schools from Cologne were also involved. The project deals with the fact that due tot he changes caused of digitalization and Industry 4.0 the understanding between different disciplines in the company is also becoming increasingly important.

The need for interdisciplinary learning

Interdisciplinary work processes are gaining importance in the course of the digital transformation and are a prerequisite for innovative business development for companies, among others. For vocational education and training, this has the consequence of developing teaching sequences that prepare students for the requirements of the digital transformation. Specifically, it is about the changing requirements for action from operational practice at the interface between different industrial-technical and commercial areas. Greater analytical and abstracting skills (data analytics) are needed, e.g. to organise feeds into ERP systems. Mutual understanding of each other in the work process is becoming more important (terminology, work objects, actions).

In order to respond to the described requirements for action, the INTENT project has developed 3 exemplary modules for interdisziplinary teaching and training. Furthermore we offer digital tools and methodes ready for use in interdisciplinary cooperation. All modules and tools and methods were tested at least during a summer school where the participants were enabled to work together interdisciplinary and develop their own interdisciplinary modules.

In this project we cooperate with the National Agency of the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training.

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