What we want to achieve


Due to the introduction of elements of Industry 4.0 into production, trade, transport and services, the requirements for knowledge and skills of company employees are also changing. Processes and ways of thinking and communicating are changing in companies. It is important for education subjects to know the needs of employers for the knowledges and skills of potentional employees. Based on this knowledge of needs, schools should change the way and content of education. It is necessary to more implement skills in the use of modern technologies, new methods of communication and interdisciplinary cooperation.

The first step in creating the modules of the new elements of teaching in schools within the INTENT 4.0 project is the necessary analysis of new needs of employers for employees and thus for the knowledge and skills of graduates of all levels of schools. Educators must understand the basic principles applied in Industry 4.0. In the link you can find a presentation of the conclusions from the analysis, recommendations for changes in education and the basic elements of Industry 4.0. The analysis also includes the sample questionnaire for employers containing questions on new digital tools used in business practice.

Competences 4.0

INTENT 4.0 - Competence Questionnaire

Link to the Competence Questionnaire

Digital Tools and Methods

VET teachers and trainers  face challenges of the 4th Industrial Revolution and globalization on the one side and they have to deal with the fact that VET training is less attractive for many

young people than academic qualification. The project supports the idea that vocational education and training (VET) will offer future-oriented high level preparation for the working world 4.0. The project tries to bring new ideas to  VET training on the basis and  requirements for digitalized, future-oriented and work related vocational education and training.  We used various educational and development teaching methods and one of them was sharing experience. As an outcome of our project we present digital tools which can be used by vocational teachers. We exchanged ideas from own pedagogical work and we present digital tools which have been  implemented in our own teaching.  Presented tools can be easily integrated to a teaching process and give ideas for the use as they are presented together with methodological notes.

Teaching Training Modules

Through the development and provision of the Teaching Training Modules, we aim to provide concrete teaching examples for the use of interdisciplinary teaching modules. Through the structure of the individual modules (see IO2), we want to make the teaching training modules comprehensible and transparent for others. The modules are particularly suitable for VET-teachers and trainers.

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