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GeTinVET - Result Learning Modules (Workpackage 5)

Objectives in detail:

1.) To expand and increase the qualification level of trainees in initial vocational education and training in the relevant training occupations (by supplementing cross-cutting competences from other occupations).

2.) To expand and increase the technical and methodological competences of teachers (or trainers) who teach in the relevant training courses.

3.) Raising awareness for increased interdisciplinarity between the occupations in the field of crafts by recognising interfaces (and drawing conclusions from this for one's own teaching).

4.) The concrete implementation of the learning modules or parts of them.

5.) A simple, quick and comprehensible adaptation of the learning modules (or parts of the learning modules) for own use in teaching for outsiders as well as ensuring the practical use.

6.) The promotion of sustainable thinking and action as an inherent part of education (here in the relevant professions in which the learning modules are developed).

7.) To increase the attractiveness of initial VET in general and in the partner institutions and to increase the attractiveness and quality of craft training throughout Europe.

Main results of this work package:

1.) Four ready-made learning modules for interdisciplinary learning between at least two occupations of initial vocational training (in the field of Service Building Engineering). The learning modules are divided into teaching phases. Within the teaching phases (introduction, problem identification, problem solving, etc.) a variety of teaching materials will be made available for use. The learning modules will be developed cooperatively in transnational cooperation by at least two partner organisations, prepared didactically and methodically and their results will be made available in a uniform basic structure in the respective languages of the participating partner organisations as well as in English for use and further development here in May 2025.

2.) Linked to this are four further training modules for teachers with didactic-methodical instructions on how to use the learning modules. Further subject-related information on important aspects of interdisciplinary cooperation between the trades will be produced. These notes will also be published as a separate result on the project homepage and additionally provided with comments on the learning modules with regard to possibilities of use, differentiation, previous knowledge, etc.

3.) As a further product, a guideline with instructions for the independent development of interdisciplinary learning modules for relevant trades in the field of Service Building Engineering will be created and made available digitally here in May 2025.

4.) In addition, a commented evaluation on the use of the project results of work package 5 is prepared and made available here in May 2025.