Abstract and Content

PLAN - Pedagogy and Learning processes in Agile Networks

Schools network to promote agile learning processes with design-thinking and scrum management, to develop digital learning products and to further develop student-based individualized lessons. Networked thinking in progressively complex processes will become increasingly important in a working world 4.0 in the future. Creativity, problem-solving strategies, teamwork, empathy, and a holistic approach to challenges are important skills of the 21st century. As teachers, we want to set out and network with companies and social organizations. We want to advance our own professional development in agile processes in order to prepare our learning for the living and working world of tomorrow.

In our project we develop digital learning products in a dynamic, iterative design thinking process. In a team-based cooperation, we strive for continuous improvement processes of the digital products. In addition to digital learning products, process instructions and tutorials are created. And last but not least, we try to find answers to pedagogical questions and challenges in order to clarify the processes of origin and development. This creates both an innovative atmosphere in schools and a change to creative and interactive forms of teaching as well as a positive view of mistakes as learning opportunities.