Summer School for interdisciplinary further teacher and trainer training 4.0 - Learning Teaching Training Activity

Agenda: Document

Here you can see the challenge that the participants had to work on at the Summer School.

Challenge for teachers

Here you can see the template that you can use to start an interdisciplinary collaboration. 

Template to present the solutions of the challenge

Here you can see the results of the three working groups that worked together in an interdisciplinary way at the Summer School:

Business Administration Teachers (ES/EUS, GER), manufacturing teachers (GER), social integration teachers (ES/EUS), Representatives   

of Chamber of Commerce (CZ): Working together 1

IT Teachers, Production Design Company Representatives: Marketing Teachers; Financial administration Teachers: Working together 2

Electronics Teachers, Mechanics Teachers, Design Teachers, IT Teachers, Management Teachers, Administration Teachers, English as a 

foreign language: Working together 3

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