Intellectual Output 1: Design of an interdisciplinary further training VET 4.0: Examples and methods for successful teaching and training 4.0 - Escape Room

Description of escape room concept

Visitors of this webside can try to “solve”  tasks hidden in 4 digital escape rooms the same as participants in Bari did. QR codes bellow.  

The final step Padlet is not prepared, you can do it with the help of description bellow.  

This concept can be used also in a classroom at ordinary computers.

Each team visited each point.

Tool / Method


How to use it



is a tool to prepare – presentations, videos, gamification. We tried gamification, a useful tool for warm up activities, evaluation, testing and fun

The best ways is start with a tutorial, tutorial is in each language. This is in English.


Google Slides

You can create an environment for a virtual escape room.

Video tutorial:


The tool is a part of Google tools


It is a free application and offers many Excel-based templates.

Video tutorial:


Learnings apps

It is a free Web application, which contains lots of small interactive modules.

This application is very easily to use, it contains its own tutorial on the first page:

There are created modules for 32 teaching categories (languages, biology art…). It is possible very easily modify each module according to your needs.

Registration is required.


It is a free online virtual board.

Padlet is a handy application for the last part of escape games. If you use the password option when creating a bulletin board, this password can be the searched password for the whole escape game.

Instructions for mobile phones attached

QR-Codes to enter the escape room 

Point A:  

Point E:

Point R:

Point C

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