Project Results   

The main results:
1. Preparation and piloting research in the countries involved (pupils age 15-20 is the main cohort), gathering date, analysing them and identifying strengths, describing good ppractice examples from the the countries involved which led to positive research results
2. elaborated documentation of good practice examples and presenting its implementation during LTTA /training events
3. good practice examples in connection with basic principles in inclusivity and well-being in each country

4. Supporting teachers/trainers/ researchers in development of key competences for inclusivity and well-being, sharing information among teachers, using feedback from pupils, transferring information to schools Founders: The project will develop, deliver and implement innovative practices at local and regional levels at secondary schools. Regional bodies will be involved. LTTA will be supervised by local experts and they will use results for the research process.

Training activities will be designed for teachers, school staff, school leaders and members of local bodies to develop competencies and support decision making in the field of school education especially inclusivity and well-being.. The project will encourage teachers to adopt innovative and collaborative practices, strengthen leadership in education and promote the acquisition of skills and competences.

Activities will support critical and digital approach to education. Each partner country has a bit different approach towards teaching and learning, some systems are focused more on competences and others more on theoretical knowledge. We will all benefit from diversity in approaches in order to develop well-being. For example -schools in France, Italy and Germany teach migrant learners, it is a part of their mission.

The project support social inclusion, it is designed to help learners to enhance their knowledge and fulfil high aspirations thanks to support for each person in the school system.

Find the final results in the link to the project`s Padlet: 

Inclusion and Diversity in all Fields of Education - Project Results